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Correct care and maintenance of your jewelery helps maintain their shine and consequently also the pleasure of wearing them. Dvccio jewels are made with precious stones and materials, chosen for their aesthetic qualities and their rarity. Cleaning jewelry improperly can lead to damage. To protect them from scratches, avoid rubbing your jewelry with other jewelry. It is advisable to store them in the appropriate pouches in a dry place. Water, sunlight or contact with chemical compounds (creams, perfumes, detergents, etc.) can damage or discolor the jewelry. It is advisable to avoid wearing them during exercise.

Like all natural materials, silver tends to darken in contact with air, this is a sign of the naturalness and quality of the product. In fact, over time silver oxidizes mainly due to the sulfur present in the air. For this reason it is important to keep jewelry in a dry place as humidity accelerates oxidation.

Clean the jewelry with warm water and soap. Use soft bristle brushes and dry with a soft cloth. Do not use alcohol or other aggressive products.

All Dvccio jewels are made of 925 silver and with processing methods that comply with current Italian and international regulations.

The warranty is valid for 2 years from the date of purchase.

This guarantee excludes all damage due to neglect, improper use, unauthorized alterations or repairs to the jewel. For products covered by warranty, Gruppo Egr Italia srl ​​reserves the right to repair them, replace them with the same models or replace them with others of equal or greater value.