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Unisex Lime Cotton Cropped Sweatshirt with Hood

Unisex Lime Cotton Cropped Sweatshirt with Hood

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In the creative laboratories of the DVCCIO Maison, immersed in the reflective quiet of the Tuscan Tiber Valley, the Dvccio Sweatshirt was born. A completely Made in Italy product created with tireless attention to detail, the search for beauty, with obsessive attention to the quality of the products.

The sweatshirt, which has always been a global icon of comfort, simplicity and freedom, is embellished and becomes regal. A myth revisited and enhanced, combining the inspiration of the DVCCIO brand - uniqueness, customization - with innovative and fine fabrics, experience and solid tailoring techniques.

For Her It embraces the silhouette of the female body, outlining its personality and character.

For him it enhances its decisive character.

The collection is made up of unique specimens. Each item is, in fact, registered and progressively numbered with a QR code which allows immediate identification and exclusive access to the Maison's Club.

“Live every day as if it were every day. Neither the first nor the last. The only one".

100% Cotton
Interior: Brushed Cotton
machine wash
tumble dry at low temperature
normal fit
100% Made in Italy
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